Practice Areas

We understand that not everyone needs a full accounting package, so that is why we offer a range of individual services that can be tailored to your needs. You will still benefit from our expertise and experience plus we can work with you at your office or ours - only when you need us.

To help you find the service you need, we have broken them down into the following areas. For more information about any of the services shown below, including how to arrange your free initial consultation with one of our accountants, then please call us on 01709 912 744 

Corporation Tax


For many companies, not only does Corporation Tax represent a significant part of their trading costs, but also ensuring it’s calculated correctly,

paid on time and the related documents filed can consume considerable amounts of time.

We offer a range of services that can help relieve some of the burdens Corporation Tax presents to you and your staff, plus identify the most tax effective structure for your business,

making sure that you take full advantage of opportunities and reliefs.

Company Secretarial


Keeping your business records up to date can not only be time complex and time consuming, but failure to get things right can result in severe penalties. We offer a full company secretarial service meaning we not only make sure that the right reports and forms are filed on time, but most importantly we free you up so that you can spend more time serving your customers.

We will conduct regular maintenance of your statutory records held by Companies House and handle the filing of the important reports and forms required by UK law.

We’ll update Companies House of any significant changes to your business, like the appointment or resignation of a company director or secretary, the change of a company name or the change of a registered address.

If you are looking to wind down your business, we can ensure that it is correctly processed through Companies House.



Through our payroll services we can help you manage and meet the obligations set out by HM Revenue & Customs for any company with employees.

Payroll Running: We can manage your company payroll, producing pay slips for your employees, calculating and deducting any payable taxes.

We can ensure that you and your business meet all the necessary filing requirements of HM Customs & Revenue throughout the year.



Relieving you and your staff of any burden, our bookkeeping and accounting services can take full control of all your accounting needs. We start by working with you to understand your business and your own expectations. We’ll then not only work with you on your day-to-day finance admin, but also help find ways to improve and grow your business.

We can take care of all your core bookkeeping and accounting activities and your day-to-day finance admin; including invoicing and monitoring your cash flow.

Management Accounts: We can produce these useful accounts for your business either monthly or quarterly. They’ll show how well your business is performing and help you make the right decisions about your future.

Annual Statutory Accounts: Keeping on top of your business accounting will also reduce the time needed to prepare your annual accounts. All companies must file their Annual Statutory Accounts with Companies House within strict deadlines. We can help you prepare your accounts plus make sure they’re submitted on time.

VAT Returns and Registration


VAT is often found to be the most complex part of running a business. From this, it’s not surprising that many businesses find they’re underpaying or overpaying on their VAT.

Registrations: We can help register your business with HM Revenue & Customs obtaining a VAT registration number.

Accounting for your VAT: Choosing the best way to account for your VAT can very often save you money. We will help look at the options available and help you choose the best method for your business.

VAT Returns: We can help prepare and file your VAT returns with HM Revenue & Customs.

AsSelf Assessment Tax Returns Tax Retur

    Self Assessment Tax Returns

Are you self-employed? Are you a sole-trader? Are you a partner or director of a company?

If you answered yes to any of these then you’ll need to complete a self assessment tax return. A self-assessment tax return details your earnings that year, and calculates any tax that may be payable to HM Revenue & Customs by you.

Self-assessment tax returns can be confusing, time consuming and if they are calculated incorrectly, or deadlines are missed they can be costly too.

We can help you prepare and complete your self-assessment tax return. Completing the forms on your behalf, calculating your tax liability and ensure your return is filed on time to avoid deadline penalties.



   Business Start-Ups


     Setting up a new business can be exciting but         there is also a lot to think about and do before         you are able to even start and make any                  money. We can guide you through the process         helping you make the right decisions and  your         getting business structure right.

  • Business Plans: When starting a new business it is important to have a business plan in place. We can help you write your first plan which will then enable you to better understand your market and will also allow you to prepare and structure your business ready for success. A good, strong business plan will also become essential if you’re looking to secure financial support from banks to help get your business off the ground.

  • Choosing the right set-up: Are you self-employed? A sole-trader? A partnership? Maybe a limited company? Or don’t you know? Don’t worry! We can go over the differences and benefits of each with you and help you choose the right one for your business.

  • Getting Registered: We can handle the official formation of companies, ensuring that you are correctly registered with Companies House and that all the relevant paperwork is completed accurately and filed on time.

Business Planning

All successful businesses have a plan. It will tell you where you are heading, how you can get there and what obstacles you may face along the way. Just some of the areas we can help you are:

Making the most from your business: We’ll not only work with you to understand your aspirations for your business, but we'll help find ways of making them real.

We’ll help you define and structure your business making it stronger, more profitable and more financially secure.
Business plans: They are not just for new start-ups and it can really help to set out a strong business plan at the beginning of each financial year. Not only will a business plan give you direction but are also essential if you plan to seek financial support for your business via loans or other finance arrangements with banks.

Cash flow forecasts: Accurately forecasting your cash flow will help you understand the seasonal variances in your income. Therefore enabling you to prepare and structure your finances in advance, making sure you’re able to meet all your obligations.